Thursday, May 28, 2009

Present Picks: Father's Day

I absolutely love giving gifts. There's something so satisfying about thinking, researching, purchasing, and wrapping the perfect gift and then watching a loved one's face as the open it. I spend weeks, if not months, thinking about what to get someone. Then, once I purchase it, I have to go find the perfect coordinating wrapping paper. We do not paper bags here, unless things are a really awkward shape. And there is always, always a bow involved.

My older brother and my dad are the two hardest people to shop for. My brother is because he literally has everything and the only thing he wants is something big, so he always asks for gift cards. I hate giving gift cards...they seem so impersonal and unwelcoming and they aren't very much fun to wrap. My dad never seems to like anything he gets. He opens every gift and then goes, "Hmmm." It's not that he doesn't like it, he's just a man of few words. But he does return an astonishing amount of gifts.

But this year, I found the perfect gift for my brother's birthday and my dad for Father's Day. They both love to grill, so I got them this fabulous slider kit from Sur La Table, one of my favorite stores. How perfect is this?!? It contains a burger press, a bun cutter to make the buns just the right size, and a grill basket so the little burgers don't fall through the grill. And, it comes with a great price tag: $45!

Andy was with me when we picked these up at Sur, and he about died he was so excited. So we had to get one for him, too. Hopefully we'll get a chance to break it in this weekend!

I gave my brother his on Memorial Day weekend (his birthday present this year was not having to have a family party, LOL). He really liked it! He's excited to make sliders because he thinks my niece, who is 4, will really get a kick out of the "baby burgers." She definitely will!!

For those of you with dads, husbands, or other special men in your life...what are you getting them for Father's Day?

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